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There is a zone, a new dimension vast as space
and timeless as pioneering. It is at once fluid, vibrant, innovative. Where events take form and become unforgettable experiences.

Once you enter it, you zone out the everyday to live the extraordinary, will discover new languages, perceive beyond
the usual boundaries.
A multi-layered hub whose foundations are built from the creative strength of our past and whose outreaches are the tools
the future provides

It lies in the middle between aspiration and reality, the past and the future, hopes and fears.
A place where nothing exists in playback.


We call it the LiveZone.

Extraordinary Experiences.

Why just take part to an event, when you can live it?

The bright side of LiveZone

The Experience space

Live at Ibis
We are Ibis.
We love music.



Taleggio D.O.P.
Protagonist on the table
of Italians for 700 years.


Passion Innovation
Know-how to DARE

Passion Innovation
Know-how to DARE

Ingenious, authentich, and bold partnership.

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T: + 39 011 8183700
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T: + 39 02 39297715