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Corona Sunsets Festival

Corona beer is great to disconnect, relax, and have fun with some friends. Where do you find all these things?
At music festivals. This is why we created one of the most hyped branded music festivals of the summer 2023.

We started by warming up the crowd: we organized over one hundred nights in fifty bars and restaurants throughout Italy with live music and an exclusive mandala set up to spread the word about the festival and give the chance to the audience to win tickets for the event. That’s what we call Corona Sunsets Hours.

We also created Corona Sunsets Sessions: two main events, one in Milan and the other in Naples, with workshops about creativity and sustainability, and live performances by well-known musicians such as Samuel, Jack Jeselli, Simona Severini, and Gabriele Esposito. During those moments the brand engaged almost 2,000 people.

On July 22nd at Lajatico’s breathtaking Theater of Silence, the grand finale: the Corona Sunsets Festival.
Almost 8,000 people reunited to celebrate the sunset while enjoying the refreshing taste of Corona and listening to great music by Italian and international artists: Lost Frequencies
Francesca Michielin, Planet Funk, Venerus, Kety Fusco, Bobo Rondelli, The Zen Circus, Subsonica.

“The best experience we created? The next one.”

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