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There is a zone, a new dimension vast as space
and timeless as pioneering. It is at once fluid, vibrant, innovative. Where events take form and become unforgettable experiences.

Once you enter it, you zone out the everyday to live the extraordinary, will discover new languages, perceive beyond
the usual boundaries.
A multi-layered hub whose foundations are built from the creative strength of our past and whose outreaches are the tools
the future provides

It lies in the middle between aspiration and reality, the past and the future, hopes and fears.
A place where nothing exists in playback.


We call it the LiveZone.

Extraordinary Experiences.

Why just take part to an event, when you can live it?

The bright side of LiveZone

The Experience space

How to enjoy the positive vibes
of an endless summer?
With a cold Corona
in a temporary bar made of sand
and 100% natural materials.
See you at golden hour.

Much more than a live event.
An interdisciplinary dialogue between six hair artists
and as many artists, who merged creativity to create
the beauty that moves the world.

L’Oréal Professional Products Next in Hair

What an exciting 2022
Partnership Meeting!
An exceptional location,
lots of novelties to be unveiled,
a show to leave you speechless…
Immerse yourself in the world of Alfa Romeo F1 Team Orlean.


The first digital cooking masterclass with Simone Rugiati.

A cooking competition and a truly high-class culinary experience took place, for the first time in a fully digital mode.

The unique sound
of hospitality in Rome.
A charming night event based on our “La Nuit” format marked the reopening of the Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese hotel.

Rewriting the mountain experience.
The G&B store in Courmayeur was transformed into an enchanting winter garden for the launch of the new Montblanc collection.

100% social by nature.
Bio-Oil’s first fully
social launch event.
1 Instagram filter, 9 influencers, and more than 2 million users reached: 100% engaging, 100% entertaining.

The hidden style of Venice.
A Venetian mask, a super-stylish gala dinner and an intriguing masquerade ball made of this event for Accor’s top customers a magic night to remember.

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